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Silhouette eyewear stands for the highest quality standards, incomparable wearing comfort and long lasting use. The eyewear of the future is the eyewear of the present at Silhouette. The eyewear is light, innovative, elegant, timeless, honest and without screws." "Every eyewear model stands for excellence in design and attention to detail: Design, technology and manufactured in Austria. All models are created and produced in Linz based on the highest standards of quality. A Silhouette always incorporates itself gracefully, elegantly, flowing and harmonic in the face of the wearer. It underscores the natural beauty without covering or changing it. After all: The best frame for a pair of glasses is always the face of the wearer. Come down and have a feel of the product. We have a wide selection of style and colors to choose from. Try on fall in love with one of the best brands the optical industry has to offer in terms of style and comfort.

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Whitby Optical is now offering an 80 dollar savings an any purchase of prescription eyewear. Do not miss this oppertunity to save on the excellent selection of quality eyewear available at Whitby Optical and recieve the highest standands of eye care service. You can trust your eyes with us!

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